1. What is the cost to join SDP?

  • No cost.

2. How do I join SDP?

  • Fill out the registration form and you will be contacted by coaches to make sure you know when the next practice is located. You will also be added to the email list to keep up-to-date on practices, events, and races.


2. What is needed for practices?

  • Fluids (water/sports drink)

  • Yoga mat

  • Running gear (shoes, shirt, shorts)

  • Sun screen for summer


3. Can I run other races other than the Focused Races for the club?

  •  Yes, of course.


4. What is practice like?

  • Depends on the time of year.

  • In the winter and spring, training is focused on speed and interval training

  • In the summer, training is all about building a strong base of mileage and endurance

  • In the fall, endurance continued but with tempo work

  • During the whole year, we work on strength, flexibility, and form


5. Where and when are practices?

  • You can see our schedule including the Sarasota High Track/XC schedule on the calendar.